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Presently, 92% of tutors working with Executive Academics have been employed by the business for longer than 8 years and all current tutors have been working with the service for at least 3 years.

All tutors are geographically located within the United States and submit coursework through a private VPN. This ensures that location access information remains consistent, yet confidential.

All tutor’s hold at least one Master’s or Graduate level degree, with most holding multiple upper-level degrees. All tutors also have professional work experience in related career fields.

All tutors working with Executive Academics were personally referred for employment by an owner or founding stakeholder of the business, usually as a result of shared academic or professional experiences. This strictly in-network hiring process ensures the reliability, trustworthiness, and professional competency of all tutors.

All tutors are well-versed in the use of all online course delivery systems (ex: Canvas, Blackboard, Sakai, etc.) and supplemental programs that may be required for certain courses (ex: TurnItIn, Respondus LockDown Browser, etc.).

Additionally, tutors are experienced in the use of course-specific programs such as Shadow Health, SPSS, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Access, MyMathLab, Pearson Mastering (MasteringChemistry, MasteringBiology, MasteringA&P, etc.), and an array of other common course technology requirements.

All tutors are also fluent in standard programs required for online course completion, including those such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe, and Prezi.

Tutors may be reserved for virtually every aspect of online classes, excluding proctored webcam-based exams. Full course completion, custom papers, test-taking, and assignment completion services are available for every area of academic study, at all degree levels (Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, Graduate, and Doctoral). Master’s Thesis and Dissertation writing services are also available.

Tutors are also able to assist with drafting college entrance essays, refining resumes, and completing pre-employment written and testing requirements.

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