Risk-Free Guarantee

Money-Back Guarantees

Final Grade Guarantee

We are the only online business that offers a 100% money-back guarantee for our completion of your online class. If we earn less than a C in your class, we refund your fee!

On-Time Delivery Guarantee

We guarantee that we will have the project completed on-time or earlier than requested. We will not accept any projects that we are not 100% sure can be finished within your desired time frame.

Plagiarism Free Guarantee

All of our papers are processed through a plagiarism checker prior to finalization. We 100% guarantee that your custom paper, homework assignment, exam content, and any files that we submit for online classes, will be completely original!

Confidentiality Guarantee

Our client records are secured offline and all transactions are processed through PayPal, under which we are certified as a PayPal verified business. This ensures that all client information is protected with the highest security standards available in business today.

Double Proofread Policy

Statistics show that when a second person proofreads a paper, following completion by the original writer, it is more likely to ensure that all errors or omissions are noted and corrected. All of our submissions are subject to a double proofread policy that guarantees the accuracy of our work!

Intellectual Property Rights

Unlike other sites, we do not resell your papers to other students or other paper services at a “study guide only” rate. We consider our academic papers and online submissions to have been completed under a ghostwriting contract, which essentially means that once you have purchased your product, the intellectual property rights belong to you. We are the only online site that entirely transfers our ownership of the completed product to the client. ‚Äč

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