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How It Started

In 2007, the original founder of Executive Academics started completing a few online classes for friends as a way to earn a bit of extra spending money. These friends mentioned the service to their friends and within a few years a small business had been formed consisting entirely of one academic “tutor” and an ever-expanding list of clients, enrolled in a wide variety of different online degree programs.

By 2011, the volume of clients seeking assistance with their online classes exceeded that which a single tutor could handle, and the founder hired a second tutor, who also happened to be a close friend and fellow academic (aka: another nerd). This was the start of a hiring policy that remains in place through today- all tutors employed with Executive Academics were originally referred to the service through the existence of a personal relationship with either an owner or founding stakeholder.

In 2011, the service also moved online and began formally operating under the name “Executive Academics”. With a goal of remaining a small, selective service, that emphasized quality, reliability, and strong client relationships, Executive Academics began accepting new customers, without referrals, for the first time, while also integrating expanded academic assistance options to better meet the needs of a broader array of diverse clientele.

How It’s Going

From 2011 through current, Executive Academics has evolved from a service that offered academic assistance limited to the completion of full online classes and custom paper writing products, to a business that not only continues to offer these options, but also provides tutors that assist with individual course components (ex: a single discussion board, a lab, or a homework assignment), the completion of online exams (both for college classes and employment requirements), and the writing of custom essays for college applications and degree-specific program applications.

With more than 10 years experience in the completion of academic coursework, Executive Academics has accrued a broad range of competencies in nearly every academic program available at every degree level offered (Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, Graduate, and Doctoral). Full course completion, custom papers, test-taking, and assignment completion services are available for every area of academic study at all degree levels. Master’s Thesis and Dissertation writing services are also available.

Our service has helped hundreds of students earn their college degree and achieve the higher education credentials necessary for successful entry into their dream professions. We look forward to continuing to provide this unique service, for all of our clients, far into the future!

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